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Mr. Hafey (principal)
Mrs. McClelland (secretary)
Frani Kerr (secretary)

Fifth Grade:
Mrs. Lancheros
Mrs. Lynch
Mrs. McCurry

Fourth Grade:
Mrs. Crone
Ms. McCormick
Mrs. Squires

Third Grade:
Mrs. Petch
Ms. Petras
Mrs. Williams

Second Grade:
Ms. Biddle
Mrs. Schaffer
Mrs. Summers

First Grade:
Mrs. Dangler
Mrs. McComb
Mrs. Skalla

Mrs. Geer
Mrs. Ludlam
Mrs. LaCount (Mrs. Geer & Mrs. Ludlam Instructional Assistant)

Ms. Marcotte
Ms. Ward (Ms. Marcotte Instructional Assistant)

Mrs. Prell
Mrs. Chapman (Mrs. Prell Instructional Assistant)

Mr. O'Dell
Judy Carey
Charlie Nissen
Jessica Pritchett

Loni Wolfe
Katy McGranahan

Music -Jill Phillips
PE- Jonathan Trousdale
ELL- Jacinda O'neil
Gifted & Talented - Sue Jerome
Interventions Julie Hickman
Resource Shannon Thornton
Resource - Carolyn Thomas
Speech/Language Pathologist- Cherri Davenport
Psychologist -Lela Grosch
Occupational Therapist - Crystal Thomas
Counselor - Kate McPhail
Heath Assistant - Linda Cuevas
Nurse - Julie LaBaron
Library - Sheila Vrooman
Computer Lab - Karen Mahoney
Artist in Residence - Stephanie Sherman

Instructional Assistants:
Deb Albertson - Reading Instructional Assistant
Nancy Benton - Volunteer Coordinator/Interventions
Mary Reekie - Instructional Paraprofessional
Nicolle Lewis - Instructional Paraprofessional

- SPED Paraprofessional
Laura Ryden

Donald Hysell - Day
Michael Pasqualetto - Night

Kitchen Staff:
Ronda Nelson
Gary Metras

Extended Hours Program:
Owner - Sheryl Fisher
Phone (970) 241-3603 Fax (970) 241-3523

Appleton Director - Aubrey Minturn- 254-6414
Staff - Carolyn Quinn
Staff -
Staff -